# AF 2006-2020 ### An incomplete introspective view on the FLOS/CH community --- - Julian Bogdani <[julian.bogdani@uniroma1.it](mailto:julian.bogdani@uniroma1.it)> - Federico Sciacca <[fede__fs@libero.it](mailto:fede__fs@libero.it)> --- Play online: https://jbogdani.github.io/af-introspection/
# Aim This brief presentation is aimed at providing a rapid overview on applications and projects presented in the previous editions of ArcheoFOSS from a statistical point of view. The goal is to provide a snapshot of the FLOS’ community activity as it appears in 2020, with no prentention of perfection or completeness. This is why the source of charts and tables is made publically available, so anyone can complete the dataset or suggest corrections.
# Data The information presented in the next slides has been extraced from the **official pubblications**. Conferences that have not been published (2016 and 2019) have not been considered. When the pubblication will appear, hopefully, if this application is still maintained, it will be updated.
### Methodology For each project, the following data have been extracted from the text: - `year` : Year of the conference where the application has been presented - `authors` : Authors of the presentation - `name` : Name of the project - `license` : License as stated in the source; `false` if no information on license is found
### Methodology #2 By combining texts with web research the following information have been recovered - `maintained`: `true` if the project is still maintained, otherwise `false` - `source_available`: URL o the repository where the sourse is available, otherwise `false` - `last_commit`: Year of the last commit to the repository - `commits` : Total number of commits as reported in the official repository
### Warning The Web search is not a very reliable source of information since projects living in the dark web might not appear. Yet, we beleive that projects targeting an open community might not have walked many steps towards invisibility. Please feel free [to report](https://github.com/jbogdani/af-introspection/issues) wrong or incomplete information.

List of available pubblications up to october 2020

Publishing time

Years passed from the conference session to the publication of the proceedings

Publishing license

Please note that the chart refers to the pubblication licence.
Access policy is not considered here.

1.1. Openness

Source code availabililty

Applications with published source code

Applications with source code not available

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Applications with source code not available

Page 2/2

License type

License type | detail

1.2. Lifecicle

Survival rate


Years passed from the presentation to the last commit

Longevity | detail

Development intensity

*GRASS excluded (+20k commits)

Development intensity | detail

## Part 2 webGIS and Data portals

webGIS and Data portals avaibility in 2020

webGIS and Data portals access policy

webGIS and Data portals # 1/7

webGIS and Data portals # 2/7

webGIS and Data portals # 3/7

webGIS and Data portals # 4/7

webGIS and Data portals # 5/7

webGIS and Data portals # 6/7

webGIS and Data portals # 7/7

# Thank you © Julian Bogdani & Federico Sciacca 2020 Data and texts are licensed under [CC BY-SA 4.0](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)